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Tivat - Montenegro Tourist sites in Tivat area

Przno Beach (Plavi Horizont -The Blue Horizon). Facing the open sea, in Traste Cove, an almost surreal bay, there is a beach and a resort with the same name - Plavi Horizont. The position and the natural conditions, a wide belt of fine, healing sand, framed by lush pine and olive trees and a long shallow embrace with the sea, make this one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole Adriatic. The crystal-clear sea, the four-kilometre long promenades around the bay, with intimate spots to rest and easily accessible natural inlets offering the feeling of unconstrained touch and link with nature, and full services provided on the beach.
Prevlaka (Ostrvo cvijeca - The Island of Flowers). This is a small oval-shaped island, some 300 m long. It used to be connected to the mainland by a narrow and low natural strip of land that used to be flooded at high tide and thus Prevlaka was both an island and a peninsula.
What make this island attractive historically speaking are the remnants of the Holy Archangel Michael's Monastery, which are still being excavated.
The name Island of Flowers was given to the island due to its lush vegetation and abundance of diverse flowers, alongside the olive trees, palms and other Mediterranean plants and bushes, planted at the time when this island was a tourist resort.
St Marko's Island (Stradioti). This is located to the west of the Island of Flowers. The name Stradioti comes from the Venetian times when it used to house an army camp for soldiers of Greek origin (stradiotes - a soldier). It used to have the attractive tourist settlement "Sveti Marko", and was one of the best in the Club Mediterrane chain from Paris.Today there are no tourist facilities here, but it is an interesting excursion site accessible by tourist boats.

Gornja Lastva. Further away from the sea, in the quiet of olive groves, there lies the village of Gornja Lastva offering visitors the lovely ambience of old stone houses commanding a view over Tivat Bay.
It is located in the Tivat hinterland, on the slopes of Vrmac Hill at an altitude of 300 m above sea level. This village was first mentioned in the 14th century in the Statute ofKotor, as a part of the Kotor districts. It is one of the rare living communities on the slopes of Vrmac. Some twenty stone houses are imposing in their simplicity.
Solila. Solila is interesting for visitors and birdwatchers as the habitat of flamingos, very rare birds, and cormorants, one of the most endangered bird species in Europe. According to the Tourism Master Plan (Boka Kotorska Region), Solila is to be turned into an ornithological park.

Beaches around Tivat
Along the Tivat coast there are a number of attractive little harbours, coves and beaches with a total area of 31,200 m2. The lengths of the beaches are as follows:

1. Oblatno Beach

2. Przno Beach
3. Posejdon Beach
4. Kalardovo Beach
5. Marina Beach
6. Stara Racica Beach
7. Belane Beach 8 Palma Beach
9. Regina Beach
10. Ponta Seljanova Beach

11. Wai Kiki Beach
12. Kamelija Beach
13. Opatovo Beach
14. Verige Beach
15. Ostrvo cvijeca (an area of 1,200 m2)
16. Sveti Marko (an area of 4,000 m2)

Active Holidays in Tivat
A very favourable climate, the rich offering of sport facilities and the possibility of getting from the airport to the hotel or the sports field in 10 minutes, all make Tivat into a renowned sport and recreational centre for the all-year-round preparations of athletes. This is a town of football, sailing, tennis and a range of prestigious competitions, but above all this is a town for recreationists, a town for people who want to play football, go for a jog or have a swim for their own entertainment. In addition to ten-pin bowling, lawn bowling, tennis, basketball, this town also offers what you cannot find back home, that is the sea. If you are willing to take the challenge of sailing, scuba diving, underwater and sport fishing, you have arrived at the right place.
Tivat has numerous sport clubs: football, basketball, handball, lawn bowling, tennis, water polo, scuba diving, chess etc.
Vrmac - Hiking Paradise. Vrmac, the hill separating the Tivat and the Kotor Bays, has a number of villages at approximately the same altitude (300 m above sea level). These villages used to have a busy life, and were linked by walking paths. The simple beauty of traditional architecture, at the same time the proximity and remoteness of the coast, gorgeous views and vantage points offering a view of the bay and the sea are beautiful scenic spots for taking photographs and painting landscapes. From these vantage points, various spots accessible only via walking paths on the Vrmac, ever new views open out on parts of the Tivat, Risan and Kotor Bays or the whole of the Boka Kotorska from the highest point on Vrmac - Sveti llija (785 m). The total length of the longest walking and cycling path, Gornja Lastva - Vrmac Fortress, is some 10 km.

Events in Tivat


'Masquerade balls and carnivals,
traditional events held in January and February.
•"The Night of Boka", a traditional
event held in the second half of February and organised by the Bokelian Marine Subsidiary from Tivat.
'"Chicory test", organized by Tivat Radio and the Women's Organisation of Tivat (spring/winter). The gastronomic event aimed at promoting Bokelian cuisine.
•"Youth Day" (25th May) - a cultural and entertainment event organised by the Consulate of the SFRY - Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
•Tivat Cultural Summer (July - August) organised by the Centre for Culture in Tivat (exhibitions, theatre performances, film screenings, concerts), the Festival of Mediterranean Theatre "Purgatorije".

•Tivat Summer Fiestas organized by the Tourism Organization of Tivat are traditional festivities held in the summer on the beaches and other open public areas, promoting local culture and offering fish and wine.
•Lastva Festivities are held on the
first Saturday in August in Gornja Lastva (cultural and art programme, nights at the mill, exhibitions) aimed to preserve village traditions.
•Lawn Bowling Olympiad is a sporting event held in summer.
•November Days of Culture (on the
occasion of celebrating the Day of Tivat) and the regular programme of the Centre for Culture during winter (theatre performances, concert, exhibitions...)




With its tourist, cultural and sports facilities and events,Tivat can please even the most demanding visitors. It has rich cultural offerings, the theatre, the gallery and the open-air theatre. In encountering the converging winds at Our Lady of the Smile in Verige, on one of Tivat's islands, or at Prevlaka, in picturesque fishing villages along the coast of Ourasevici, in Gornja Lastva, Donja Lastva or Radovici and in Traste Bay, you will experience the love of the sea and the rocks, the unforgettable beauties and amenities of this area.
The fishing villages of Kakrc and Bjelila may be accessed by boat, as can the island of Our Lady of Grace. The church there houses a Roman sacrifice dedicated to Juno Lucina, the protector of women and childbirth.
The preserved rural unit, the village of Gornja Lastva, is located at 300 m above the sea level.The old stone houses, little streets and stone boundaries in the shade of olives, wonderful baroque Church of Our Lady's Nativity, the olive mill and the unique view of the Tivat archipelagos, are accessible even on foot, just an hour walk from the town centre.
Tivat's Prevlaka, with the remains of the Holy Archangel Michael's Monastery, that was the Bishopric of the Zeta Metropolitan until the 15th century, is accessible both from the sea and from the land, and is located in the immediate vicinity of Tivat Airport.
Njegusi and Cetinje, 30 km and 55 km away respectively, offer a direct encounter with the original source of Montenegrin history, the Petrovic Dynasty and the old royal capital of Montenegro. Lovcen, Jezerski vrh, 20 km away from Cetinje and Njegos's Mausoleum, the work of sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. The view from the very top gives you a bird's eye perspective over the Boka.
Just 8 km from here and you are in Kotor, a town close to 2,000 years old. In its present form, it is a representative example of a mediaeval fortressed town, with many squares, churches and palaces. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
You can reach Our Lady of the Rock, an artificial island with a church of the same name built on it by boat. Many a legend was told of this island being in itself an invaluable treasure of the Boka Kotorska Bay. The church was painted by our most renowned baroque painter Tripo Kokolja.
Each 22nd July the inhabitants of Perast and the whole of the Boka come to the island and by throwing a rock into the sea preserve the tradition of "fasinada", the way this unique island began in the first place. Perast, a baroque town, whose maritime tradition and significance surmount its size.
Cruising the Boka Kotorska includes a tour of Tivat's islands of Prevlaka, Sveti Marko, Our Lady of Grace, the fishing village of Rose, Zanjic beach, the Herceg Novi Riviera, a well as Our Lady of the Rock, St. George and the town of Kotor.
Apart from many excursions in the Boka, tourists may visit many other interesting destinations bound to leave deep impression on them: Sveti Stefan, Skadar Lake, Ostrog, Tara, Durmitor, etc.

Traffic Connections


Air traffic. Tivat Airport is located 2.5 km away from the town centre, it is equipped for the reception of a large number of passengers who arrive by regular and charter flights from all over the world (Paris, Prague, Berlin, Hanover, Rome, Moscow, etc.) to Tivat and the coast of Montenegro.
Maritime traffic. Tivat has no direct shipping line with cities in Italy; however, via the port of Bar which is 65 km away, there is a possibility to use this type of carriage using the regular line for Bari. The spacious Tivat Quay provides berths for smaller boats and yachts, and the Kalimanj Marina has 330 berths for boats and other watercraft.
Road traffic. Tivat connects to a number of international lines (regular and seasonal). Locally, you may travel to Radovici, Krasici, Lepetane and Brda (Ostrvo cvijeca).
Information on road travel may be obtained from travel agencies and the Tourism Organisation of Tivat.

Road traffic. Tivat connects to a number of international lines (regular and seasonal). Locally, you may travel to Radovici, Krasici, Lepetane and Brda (Ostrvo cvijeca).
Information on road travel may be obtained from travel agencies and the Tourism Organisation of Tivat.

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