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There are 6 municipalities on the Montenegro coast: Tivat, Budva, Bar, Ulcinj, Kotor and Herceg Novi, stretching on about 300 km coastline and with over 120 beautiful beaches. The longest beach is the Large Beach in Ulcinj -13 km; the largest bay is the Boka Tivatska, which, due to its layout and precipitous mountain slopes descending to the sea, resembles a fjord. This whole area is full of sandy beaches, peninsulas, small mediterranean towns and number of other picturesque coastal sites. Montenegro coast, including Tivat area, has something to offer to anyone: transcluent blue sea, monuntain chains, luxurious vegetation with something flowering each season, kilometers of sandy beaches.


The weather conditions on the coast are excellent, with warm summers and mild winters. Guests will be welcomed by hospitable people who do their best to ensure a quality stay in Montenegro.


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Montenegro is a land of contrasts and natural beauty - everything in Montenegro is merged, forming strange contrasts in which the tiny and the grandiose are tangled, just like in childhood memories in which reality seems to shine with living colours. It seems that going from Hotel Island of Sveti Stefan to the peaks of Durmitor and to the Crno Jezero (Black Lake) is like walking through eternity: two beauties are fused into one. It is no wonder that many famous European botanists and geographers, while visiting Montenegro, disregarded their exploratory missions and became passionate travel writers.


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